Facility description

Gardaland Magic Hotel is a fully-themed 4-star hotel, with 128 rooms set in three magical worlds, to offer a magical stay. From when you first set foot in this world, you will sense the magic in the air, and a welcome from a huge wizard’s hat will mark the beginning of a magical experience in a wonderful enchanted kingdom. You will stay in a spellbound forest filled with curious trees and giant mushrooms in the Enchanted Forest room. You will feel like royalty in the Magic Ice Castle room, where everything is conjured up of glistening ice and you can catch a glimpse of flying dragons and pure-white winged unicorns. And, if you’re bewitched by the idea of being an apprentice wizard, then give your wand a flick, prepare a secret potion and make everything around you float in the Wizard House room.

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Triple 25
Quadruple 25

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343,00 363,00 

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